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Human Resources

Continuing Insurance Benefits at Retirement

The State of Iowa provides health, dental, and life insurance benefits to retirees. Review the subjects below to help you prepare for and take full advantage of your retirement benefits

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Benefit News and Information

Change in how mail order claims are processed for State of Iowa retirees (2014-04-02)
New mail order prescriptions require member’s permission (2014-04-02)
bullet icon Healthy Opportunity Wellness Program and SLIP (11/06/2013)
bullet Health Insurance Contributions for Executive Branch Non-Contract SLIP Retirees (09/25/2013)

Overview of Continuing Insurance Benefits at Retirement

An overview of continuing health, dental and life insurance benefits at retirement.
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Retiree Health Insurance Before Medicare-eligible

Sick Leave Insurance Program (SLIP)

An option for eligible State employees to use all or part of their unused sick leave balance to pay the state- share of their health care premiums for a specified period.
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State Employee Retirement Incentive Program (SERIP)

The State Employee Retirement Incentive Program (SERIP) offered State employees, who are eligible to retire, financial and state-sponsored health insurance incentives to separate from state employment by June 24 , 2010.
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Retiree Health Insurance After Medicare-eligible

Health Insurance for Medicare-Eligible Retirees

A program that allows you can continue your health coverage with the State of Iowa when you become eligible for Medicare.
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State of Iowa Health Insurance and Medicare

Information explaining how the State of Iowa health insurance interacts with Medicare.
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Group N and MedicareBlue Rx

A health insurance and drug coverage plan for Medicare-eligible retirees.
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Health and Dental Premiums for SPOC-covered Retirees

The health and dental premiums for SPOC-covered retirees. (Contact the DPS or DNR human resources associate for information about the SPOC Sick Leave Trust Fund.)

Updated 2014-04-02