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Human Resources

Long Term Disability Insurance - General Information

home healthThe State of Iowa's long term disability (LTD) insurance plan provides monthly benefits if you have an illness or injury that prevents you from performing your own occupation

notice bulletMembers of the General Assembly and part-time employees of the General Assembly, contact your personnel assistant for life insurance information.
bulletLife insurance coverage is not available for Regents employees.

Long Term Disability Insurance

Benefit Elimination Period
Long Term Disability Insurance Benefit
Filing a Claim
Continuing Health, Dental and Life Insurance Coverage
Termination of Long Term Disability Insurance Benefit

Long Term Disability Insurance Resources

State of Iowa Group LTD Insurance book
updated icon   Benefit Guide: FMLA and Extended Illness, Long Term Disability and Death


Long Term Disability Insurance Premiums

2014 Long Term Disability insurance premium


More Information

For more information about your coverage, please see the State of Iowa Group Long Term Disability Insurance book or contact your human resources associate or personnel assistant.

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Updated 2014-07-18

This website describes the benefits in effect on January 1, 2014. This site does not meet the requirements of a summary plan description and is not intended to serve as one.  If there are discrepancies between this information and any of the plan documents or State of Iowa policies, the plan documents or State of Iowa policies will govern in all cases.  The benefits described on this website are subject to change.  Nothing herein shall be construed as a guarantee of future benefits.